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The Complete History of Malta

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Malta history

The show first premiered in Valletta at the Żigużajg Kids & Youth Arts Festival in 2011 and is presented by just two actors using a wide variety of silly wigs, beards, and even sillier accents. Simply put, it’s a very effective, efficient and entertaining way to learn about the exciting events that made Malta what it is today.


Malcolm also stars in the play along with the dynamic young actor Joseph Zammit who is already a well-known face to local theatergoers.

Malta History at a Glance

  • Ghar Dalam

    Really, really old animal bones have been found in Malta dating back from when it was connected to Africa by land.

  • Hagar Qim

    Neolithic Man comes to Malta and builds temples all over the place.

  • Ggantija

    Neolithic Man mysteriously disappears without leaving a note. Talk about rude!

  • Phoenicians

    The Phoenicians populate the island and name it Malat. This means 'safe harbour' in their language.

  • Carthage

    The Phoenician city of Carthage becomes a mighty empire and the Carthaginians dominate the Western Mediterranean.

  • Punic War

    The Romans take Malta from the Carthaginians after kicking their butts in the Second Punic War. Hail Caesar!

  • St Paul

    St Paul is said to have been shipwrecked in Malta where he wrestled a snake and converted the Maltese to Christianity.

  • Byzantine

    The Roman Empire is split in two by Emperor Theodosius and Malta is ruled by the Eastern Roman Empre - also known as the Byzantine Empire.

  • Vandals

    The Vandals sail to Malta, break a bunch of stuff, and leave again. Centuries later their descendants can still be found in Paceville - possibly...

  • Arab Empire

    Malta is taken over by the Arab Empire and most of the Maltese people become Muslim.

  • Count Roger

    The Norman Count Roger of Hauteville takes over Sicily and Malta also - introducing Christianity to the island once again.

  • The Hauteville line ends and the throne of Sicily passes to the Germanic Hohenstaufens.

  • Aragon

    After the 12 year-old Conradin Hohenstaufen is executed, there is a huge fuss about who the next King of Sicily (and Malta) will be. The winner is Peter the Great of Aragon.

  • Castille

    When King Martin dies childless from a combination of indigestion and uncontrollable laughter, the throne of Sicily passes to King Ferdinand of Castile.

  • Knights of St John

    Malta and Gozo are no longer under the Kings of Sicily when the Knights of St John are given the islands as their new home after already being kicked out of the Holy Land and the island of Rhodes by the Ottomans. Little did they know that the Ottomans were going to try to pull off a hat-trick...

  • The Great Siege of Malta: The Ottoman Empire tries to take Malta but the Maltese and the Knights of St John have other ideas.

  • Sick of the Knights' arrogant ways, the Maltese don't even bother putting up a fight when the French come to take Malta from the Knights.

  • Sick of the French's arrogant ways, the Maltese kick them out and replace them with the British.

  • Malta is heavily bombed during World War II and the Maltese people experience hardship, fear, and lots of cool explosions.

  • Malta gains Independence and for the first time ever, the Maltese are free to do whatever they like. Hooray!

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